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Update by user Jan 03

Today is January 3, 2019 and the container is still sitting in my front yard. I have contacted several BBB's and all they do is pass my letters on to the company, which ignores me and will do nothing.

I have also contacted other agencies, to no avail. Somebody needs to research this company and make them a responsible business, instead of a business that takes advantage of people and rips them off.

Original review posted by user Dec 04, 2018

On October 31 I ordered a storage container from Container One. Twice I was told they would be delivering, and both times they did not. The third time they called to say they were delivering, I was skeptical, but hoped for the best. That was November 16. I called them abut 1:30 pm to inquire about the delivery, as I had been told it would be delivered around lunch time. I was told they were loading the unit.

By 4:30pm I had heard nothing, so I placed another call and was told they were loading it. As it started to get dark and I had heard nothing, I called again, at this point the delivery guy would not take my calls or call me back. I called the company, Container One, and was told that the unit would not be delivered since it was getting dark.

After dark I was sitting on my couch and heard a strange noise and as I looked out the window, I saw the container going past my house. I called Jason, the delivery guy, but he did not take my call. I sent him a text, asking if they had just gone past my house with the container, no response. Then I called Leslie at Container One and she was as surprised as I was that they were delivering the unit. She gave me the driver's cell number and I called him.

The driver turned around and came back and I went out to the road to talk to him. I told him that he would have to go through the pasture, across the front yard, and into the other pasture to drop the container on the stone base that I had hauled in. He informed me that he was not going to drive across the grass as he did not have 4 wheel drive. The truck he was driving was a big Dodge Ram that obviously had 4 wheel drive. The 4 wheel drive was broken. REALLY. The unit I ordered was the largest one they have and they loaded it behind a truck without 4 wheel drive.

They knew exactly what the land looked like as the driver had googled it, the second time they were to deliver and it was after dark; so they canceled. He said that he would try, I guess it was that, or take it back, or leave it on the road.

He did great going across the pasture and across the front yard, but as he slowed to make the turn at the corner of the house, he got stuck. Had it been daylight and had he had 4 wheel drive that never would have happened, he would have been able to drop it on the bed of stones.

I hooked onto his truck with mine and tried to pull him out, but could not. I called a neighbor to bring his backhoe. In the meantime the driver dropped the unit in the front yard, at the corner of the house. My neighbor did not have enough diesel in the backhoe, so was going to bring his big tractor, but it would not start. In the meantime another neighbor came over and pulled him out with his tractor.

So, now I have this huge orange container sitting in my front yard and can not put anything in it until it is placed on the bed of stones that I had ready for it. Which is a problem. Container One will not come and move it to the spot that I was told they would place it. They will not respond to my messages or phone calls. I contacted the BBB but all they did was send them a copy of my message, and they responded, but that is as far as it went. They refuse to make this right. I purchased the unit with the understanding that it would be placed where I wanted it. The response they sent to BBB was laughable as they said they only use a 4 wheel drive vehicle when they have to, REALLY. And it would be an added expense, I was never never told this. And I do not believe for one second they send a truck without 4 wheel drive to deliver one of these huge units. Plus they had googled my house which showed exactly what it looked like.

I am 77 years old, so if they expect me to pull it across the grass to the stone, I can't, but I could not do that even if I was 20 years old.

The reason I purchased the unit was for storage. I buy and sell items. I have some booths rented at a Peddlers Mall, I also sell on line, and at garage sales. I had purchased a large party tent to place things in temporarily, however, we had 50 and 60 mile an hour winds that took the tent to the ground. I now have the tent wrapped around my items and they are getting ruined from the rain and weather they are being exposed to. I wanted to get the items under cover before bad weather hit, but that did not happen, so everything is being ruined.

I have a sister who has had Multiple Sclerosis for 47 years and is in a nursing home. I take care of her and the money I make goes towards her care. She is only 65, so was unable to work for a good part of her life because of the MS. She is on SSI, so only some of her expenses are met, such as medical.

Now I have the worry and expense of finding someone to move this unit, because they just dropped it in my yard. I know that they have had many successful deliveries, however, this one was not. I think they should man up, admit they have taken advantage of me, and correct their mistake.

This fiasco started on October 31st, today is December 4th. and here I sit with a huge orange cargo container in my front yard, which I can not use; and all of my things, which are to go into the unit, being ruined. I hope that you will pursue this and warn others so they are not taken advantage of by this company as I was.

Product or Service Mentioned: Containerone Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Come here and move the container to the stone bed that was placed for the container..

I didn't like: That the dumped the container in my front yard.

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